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Influencer Marketing Strategy Tips

Last night the ATEAM attended another great Health Blogger Community talk. They were joined by expert panel Pip from Pip & Nut and Lucas from INTO App.

Here are some top tips that we picked up to share with you:

  • Firstly, download INTO App and follow @pipandnut @into_app and @hbloggerscom, obviously. They've created a really authentic way of managing influencer / brand relationships.

  • It's better to work with someone who has 3,000 followers and gets 100 comments on each post than someone who has 30,000 followers and only gets a few likes and comments per post.

  • Prioritise the influencers values, interests, mindset, location / age.

  • Create organic relationships, value their worth if they do charge for posting, but make sure they have a genuine interest in your brand, and potential for a long term relationship rather than one post about your product of service.

  • Reward good behaviour, passion, and connection.

  • Don't overlook YOUR value and the value of the people who work with you. We're all influential to our followers and the people who create / work for a brand are the brand.

  • Brands must create and organic experience for influencers. Create something they WANT to engage with.

  • 2018 is the year of the micro-influencer. 5,000-50,000 followers is of much more value to brands for ROI and genuine, local engagement.

  • When gifting product

  • create surprise and delight

  • put effort in to sending out gifts, or don't bother. It's a moment that should inspire a post of a connection. Not putting in effort is likely to be a waste of product.

  • send out gifts to a list of people in one go rather than in drips and drabs. Multiple posts from influencers in one go will have more impact and be easier to measure.

  • If you're paying someone to post about your brand you MUST state this to avoid fines.

  • Make sure what your sending is relevant to the people you're sending it to and that your values are aligned.

  • Segment part of your budget towards influencers, not just Facebook ads etc

  • Impressions data will be big in 2018 when working with influencers, more so than likes. You can fake likes, you can't fake impressions.

  • Instagram stories will be big in 2018. 'Swipe up to buy' makes it easier your influencers to directly create sales.

  • Make sure you post stories showing who is behind your brand whether it's in the office, having meetings, or packing boxes. Influencers and followers will connect with the brand on a more authentic level and will be more likely to feel connected.

  • One post a day on a feed it enough, people will get overwhelmed if you post 3 a day. Post post post on stories.

  • When contacting or gifting to influencers, don't bring money into the conversation, hope that they love your brand / product enough to post.

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