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Imminent Social Media Updates: A Cheeky Round-up

Here's whats up..

  1. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have changed their algorithm's to favour 'kind content'.. b'bye cyber bullying.. hello positive social change.. although has anyone seen Black Mirror? So Orwell circa 1984..

  2. SnapChat actually WANTS you to watch stories outside of its app.. Seeing as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and everyone else have copied them, SnapChat is about to start letting you embed its stories much like YouTube and Vimeo.. Alongside serious new features such as its 'best friends algorithm', it looks like they are continuing to constantly up they're game to stay on top.

  3. Facebook is adding a 'snooze' button? Need a break from a particular person? You'll be able to side-line them for 30 days..

  4. The 'Recommended' posts on the Instagram 'search' section are like either use them to explore 'You by Instagram' or you know they're there but you barely look at them. Well, now 'recommended' posts will feature in your newsfeed. I hope they use their algorithmic power for good over evil with helpful life advice and encouraging kindness.. #PREACH

📷 Image source: john yuyi tattoos via

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