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Dayzed and (less) Confused: January

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🍸 Ginuary

🎉 Mon 1st: New Year’s Day

🤕 Mon 1st: National Hangover Day/ National Bloody Mary day (US)

💕 Mon 1st: Love your liver

💪 Tues 2nd: National Personal Trainer Awareness Day (US)

🚀 Tues 2nd: National Sci Fi Day (Isaac Asimov’s Birthday)

💤 Wed 3rd: Festival of Sleep Day (US/ UK)

🎂 Wed 3rd: JRR Tolkien’s Birthday

🙋🏽 Thurs 4th: National Trivia Day (US)

🕊 Fri 5th: National Bird Day (US)

👫 Sat 6th: National Cuddle Up Day

📸 Sat 6th: National Technology Day (US)

🍪 Sat 6th: National Shortbread Day (UK)

🎄 Sun 7th: Orthodox Christmas

❄️ Mon 8th: National Winter Skin Relief Day

🛀🏻 Mon 8th: National Bubble Bath Day (US)

🙌 Thurs 11th: International Thank You Day

😘 Fri 12th: National Kiss a Ginger Day (US)

🍆 Sun 14th: National STI Day

🦁 Sun 14th: National Dress Up your Pet Day (US)

😨 Mon 15th: Blue Monday

🎩 Mon 15th: National Hat Day (US)

🌶 Tues 16th: International Spicy food day

🍻 Wed 17th: Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day

🎂 Wed 17th: Mohammed Ali’s Birthday

🎂 Wed 17th: Vidal Sassoon’s Birthday

🍯 Thurs 18th: Winnie The Pooh Day (AA Milne’s Birthday)

✨ Thurs 18th: Lumiere London

🍿 Fri 19th: National Popcorn Day (US)

🧀 Sat 20th: National Cheese Lover’s Day (US)

🐧 Sat 20th: Penguin Awareness Day

👖 Sun 21st: International Sweatpants Day

🙏🏽 Sun 21st: World Religion Day

👬 Sun 21st: National Hug Day

👍🏼 Wed 24th: National Compliment Day (US)

🐮 Thurs 25th: Burns Night

📖 Sat 27th: National Storytelling Week (27 Jan – 3 Feb)

🍮 Sun 28th: National Blueberry Pancake Day (US)

📚 Mon 29th: Library Shelfie Day (US)

🎂 Mon 29th: Oprah’s Birthday

🎂 Wed 31st Justin Timberlake’s Birthday

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