Would you let us experiment on you?

Words and gif by @Daniel Toumine

Hey you! We'd like to run a little (hopefully lollable) experiment with you. It would be truly helpful to us and we'll be sure to share the funnies! Please DM @aramintasocial with the next six posts you see that 1. makes you 😂 laugh, out loud, at your phone (usually found to happen when you're on your own in a public place #beenthere) 2. actively motivates / inspires 🦄 you to do something 3. is so eye catching it makes you 🛑 stop scrolling 4. makes you 💡 think of someone else enough to tag them 5. educates you or 🤓 teaches you something you didn't know 6. even momentarily changes 🐸 your mood (lifts or lowers)

#consciousmarketing #contentmarketing




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