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Raise your Instagram game

It’s undeniable that the growth of video streaming has reached an all time high and this trend shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. The figures surrounding video content and streaming are simply astounding. We should all be putting huge emphasis on our video content to improve our SEO, entice consumers and reach higher engagement, if you weren’t already convinced!

Using video content can increase your chances of appearing on Google’s first results page by a staggering 53 times. It seems silly not to. In order to gain better SEO, the video must rouse feelings of humour, shock or amazement, to provoke people to share it.

Videos are proven to capture an audience more than a single photograph and in today’s social media climate, grabbing people’s attention is key. In just 6 months, video consumption on Instagram has increased 40%. How-to videos are a prime example of effective digital marketing. By showing off your skills, not only are you providing people with a solution but they will also remember you in the future.

Statistics show that video marketing is the most important form of content to increase engagement, second only to blogging. Social media fanatics are far more likely to remember a brand that uses visual content than simply hearing information. A standout visual method is again more likely to capture consumers’ attention.

With video content, you even have the option to turn it into a gif or alternatively reuse it as a photo – so you’ll never run out of things to post!

If you want to test this before commissioning a video, we recommend you try Hyperlapse and Magisto to start you on your Instagram video journey!

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