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  • Emily

HOLD THE PHONE. More Instagram changes?

Brace yourselves. We have important news to share…

Instagram is scrapping its 3x3 format in favour of a new 4x4 grid (we were shocked too). For those of you who are meticulous about the layout of your feed and have worked hard to create an aesthetic based on the traditional 3x3 layout, this isn’t great news (cry). On the bright side

, think of it as a perfect excuse to embark on a mission to visit loads of new places and create lots of content! 📸

As if this news wasn’t enough to handle right now, Instagram is shortly going to be informing you if a person follows you back via each profile. There’s nowhere to hide now…🙈

We noticed recently that Instagram have launched a feature highlighting paid partnerships for verified accounts. This comes after several complaints to these Influencers warning that their posts didn’t contain sufficient disclosures about paid sponsorship.

Wanting to end on a positive note, you may have also seen that Instagram have made their stories even more interactive with a new ‘poll’ feature. This allows people and brands to engage with their followers even more. We have an idea for the weekend – Are we going out on Saturday? Yes or Yes.

By the time we’ve got used to all these changes, Instagram will probably introduce a 5x5 grid…#justkidding😆

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