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⭐️ Behaviour ⭐️ Rise of the Wellness Traveller ⭐️

Photo by @benhopper

Photo by @benhopper

"Did you know that now, more than ever, we are taking less holidays? The prevalence of the ‘all work and no play’ mentality is making us burnt out and in great need of rejuvenation. No wonder travellers are intentionally seeking to include wellness activities into their holiday and business travel.” @clare_mountain @hbloggerscom

The development and profitability of both the travel and wellness industries has led to an intersection of the two, creating exponential growth in Yoga fanatics. Wellness tourism is now an essential part of travel for many people. Airports and hotels are just two of the organizations offering wellness programmes outside of consumers’ everyday gym setting to help people manage their busy lives.

Read this article to discover how Yoga helps travelers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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