⭐️ Client Event ⭐️ Wellness Morning with KIN, CRU & Rude Health ⭐️

As an agency we believe in the power of like-minded brands coming together to lift each other and share the message they are really trying to convey, beyond day to day sales. A strong social media strategy is one thing, but never underestimate the power of meeting your customer face-to-face and inviting them into your tribe.

KIN, Cru Kafe and Rude Health have come together to put on a series of FREE wellness mornings that include coffee, exercise, breakfast and the opportunity to socialise to achieve the following:

Creating a tribe.

Informing the customer.

Rewarding loyalty.

Encouraging conversation and word of mouth referral.

A chance to get to know their customer, and what they really want.

Creating social media content for the brands and customer.

Answering questions.

Increasing reach.

Increasing database.

Creating sales.

It's not always about creating direct sales, sometimes having fun with your marketing, seeing customers interact with your product, and reminding yourself why you started up in the first place will have a much more meaningful, all round impact in the long term and short term.

So, what's your next step?

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