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⭐️ Conscious Marketing ⭐️ Our Values ⭐️

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As an agency that consciously markets kind luxury and wellbeing brands, we have put together a set of values understood by the brands we work with to do our very best to have a positive impact on their audiences.

Together, these values create trustworthy brands that seek to change the world for the better through inspiring their audiences. Isn’t that why we started our wellness brands and services in the first place?

It is our belief that impactful marketing can be achieved through creativity, education and empowerment, rather than having to degrade and devalue people. Araminta Marketing looks to work with brands that share our core values. We believe that these values are at the centre of conscious marketing.

Our core values:

Be Authentic. Through social media, many people exhibit highly edited and perfected portrayals of themselves. We believe in the promotion of ‘honest selves’ that do not expect perfection but seek to improve health and wellbeing, and living ‘in the moment’.

Inspire. Through technology and social media, we can promote tolerance and optimism about change. We look for brands that use social media to inspire positive change, and help change the way people think.

Think. We love brands that show passionate engagement with the world, and are aware of their impact (whether social, ethical or environmental). These brands have an understanding of how they fit into the world, and the importance of having a positive effect.

Question. Constantly questioning how our behaviour affects others, and use research to limit negative impact and promote positive effects. This is going a step further than thoughtfulness, as we believe that questioning is at the heart of conscious marketing. Questioning, when combined with research, leads to knowledgeable choices that successfully create the best possible impact.

Empower. Our brands empower by emphasising the acceptance of imperfections, and promoting health and wellbeing. We love brands that are transparent about their practices and ingredients, so consumers can be confident in their choices. This empowers consumers to contribute and invest in causes that matter to them.

Together these values make trustworthy brands that seek to change the world for the better through actions and inspire others through social media.

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