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National Fragrance Day

Event: National Fragrance Day

Date: 21st March

Tags: @fragrancefoundation #nationalfragranceday #scentmemories


National Fragrance Day was set up by The Fragrance Foundation UK, a non-profit making educational organisation setting standards of excellence for the fragrance industry in the UK. Their Scent Memories campaign was created as a place for you to share your memories involving the sense of smell – be it your first perfume or a nostalgic scent.

Facts and stats:

Olfactory memory is the term for the recollection of odours.

People can detect at least one trillion distinct scents.

Evidence suggests odours have a role to play in mother / infant bonds, communication, progression of brain degenerative diseases and even the survival of the species.

You can smell fear and disgust.

Case Study:


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