#MayfairCollective: Digital Influencers @ The Women's Space

The AM team spent this morning at The Mayfair Collective's 'Women's Space' - a week long pop-up workspace set up around International Women's Day with talks and discussions from inspiring women and influencers. It's a beautiful workspace and meeting place. Try and spend a few hours there this week.

Today's discussion was from a panel of digital influencers and bloggers. The panel included the Collyer Twins, Rebecca Botin, Kavita Cola and Olivia Wollenberg. Here are a few of our main takeaways:

Internet nostalgia is on fleek- we've been talking about this in the office a lot recently - it's actually the next post going live on the AM blog.

If you're feeling suffocated by instant messaging and the pressure of the blue tick, go back to email. This will give you time to respond and mean you're not constantly flitting between your phone and real life.

On that note (and this is one everyone with an Instagram account will agree with) work in bulk. Focus on one activity at a time rather than switching between activities.

The app IFTTT sounds great- we'll be trying this one for sharing content on different platforms

It's all about authenticity, even if you're curating your content. Remember your values, write them down.

Don't just be an 'on screen' political activist- if you're genuinely interested or passionate about it, get out there and do something, even if that something is informing yourself.

After the talk, we sat down to chat about what we learnt and what we wanted to share with you. Our main conclusion is that this all comes back to being interested and interesting- consumers are craving brands and influencers they trust.

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