Instagram Update: 10 Photo's, 1 Post

Image by @AurelieCerise

You can now share up to 10 images and videos on one Instagram post. This new carousel feature is in a swipe-able format.

What does this mean for the brands we work with? Working in wellness we have noticed a recent backlash in curated, millennial lifestyle posts. People presenting themselves as brands are offering a more 'real' version of themselves. An example of this is 'before and after' style posts revealing the curation behind many posts.

With this new Instagram feature we can now present a more authentic, 360° view of brand experiences online. Instead of having to carefully select one image per 'experience' or 'event', we can show the whole story whilst maintaining the overall brand identity.

We are about to get seriously creative with story telling! 💡🌱 If you are looking for a one-off campaign or ongoing marketing, we'd love to hear from you.

#instagram #softwareupdate #consumerbehaviour

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