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WhatsApp, You're Drunk 🎂

Instant messaging app WhatsApp are jumping on the live-streaming bandwagon with the launch of their new ‘WhatsApp Status’ feature. Having beta tested the feature last year this major update to WhatsApp will allow users to share image and GIF content, overlaid with drawings, emojis and captions in a ‘status’, which will disappear within 24 hours.

The change is fairly radical in comparison to WhatsApp’s previous updates but has the familiar feel of platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories. This represents a bigger shift for WhatsApp than it did for live stories most recent convert, Instagram, because it potentially heralds a very different way of using the app.

Until now WhatsApp has been a utilitarian hub of activity: people go on there to simply type and read messages and type some more. The change moves WhatsApp away from this old-school instant messaging style towards the new-age trend of scrolling endlessly through streams of other people’s content.

Araminta Marketing have been using WhatsApp as part of clients marketing strategies for the past 6 months. It provides ease of communication not available on other marketing outlets and helps to build a brand’s community. For us it has acted as the perfect extension on word of mouth marketing and has resulted in direct sales.

The digital marketing team will be embracing the new feature, which is rolling out this Monday coinciding with WhatsApp’s 8th Birthday. 🎂

To create Whatsapp campaigns for your brand, please get in touch with or Whatsapp +447515879489

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