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How Last Weeks New Instagram Features Effect Your Brand?

Back in August, Instagram released Instagram stories. With over 100 million users using it since, Instagram launched two new features this week. The updates include a live video on Stories and then an option to direct-message your friends ephemeral video.

The move is arguably a ripoff from Snapchat, however it has brought novelty to the app to keep consumers engaged. What’s more, instagram now offers live videos whereas Snapchat doesn’t. interestingly, Instagram’s live videos only show you what is happening in the moment and it cannot be played back.

As for brands, this creates the opportunity to create ‘real time’ content that is authentic and enables consumers to attain even more ‘insider access’ to the behind scenes of brands and celebrities they love. The move gives consumers greater transparency into brands who they engage with on instagram.

Arguably, with the increased transparency, the the latest feature has created a more human approach to social media. This gives brands the opportunity to explore emotive experiences within their marketing strategies when engaging with consumers. This tactic can be used to increase brand awareness, interaction and loyalty.

*Image by Wilfred Iven

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