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Shareable Moments

Image, Yayyoi Kusama collaboration with Airbnb. Source, It's That Nice.

Living in the world of social media, we document large quantities of our lives online. We seamlessly move from Facebook to Instagram. As complex as the world of social media is, visual language is a large part of our everyday conversations.

Platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have overtaken Facebook in terms of interactions.

With the rise of vlogging and wellness youtubers, it is clear that we will continue to communicate our digital identities visually. What makes instagram so popular is that consumers can visually express themselves, be creative and communicate with other likeminded people to form relationships and communities. Snapchat is a fantastic way for consumers to attain insider access from the brands they love, enjoying a relationship in real time.

Whilst consumers invest a large proportion of their time in social media, we have been focusing on their desire to have a ‘shareable moment’. We mean, did it actually happen if you didn’t snapchat it or share that moment on Instagram? Interestingly, this could go in two ways. Brands could push towards creating Instagrammable moments to build awareness and consumer reach. Or the path of exclusivity and privacy could also become something that is desirable, moving beyond what is available to the mass.

For example, Airbnb have collaborated with the Tate to create a project with the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Hosts living in London have the opportunity to have a room transformed by the artist in the style of her dots, transforming a room into a impactful art space. This fuels consumer desire for experience over product, which could be another explanation as to why ‘shareable moments’ are such a vital part of our daily DNA. Ultimately, in a ‘sharable moment’ climate, brands must innovate beyond their primary product offering and consider consumer experiences both in real time and online.

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