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Our Work: Alchemy Oils Home Page

Araminta Marketing is proud to share our client, Alchemy Oil’s newly updated website. Alchemy Oils are hair specialists, intent on creating effective and natural haircare solutions. Embracing the age old Ayurvedic practice of hair oiling from India and determined to avoid harmful ingredients, the brand turned to natural ingredients to create their products. Due to this it was important to highlight and communicate these qualities to their consumer.

Araminta Marketing embraced ingredient lead content as a visual strategy for the website and across social media. Carman Mayfield, from To Illustrate was commissioned to create illustrations of the ingredients that now feature on the website.

With a growing trend for brands to display transparency, it is vital for consumers to understand and have knowledge about what is in their products. In an increasingly constant world of technology, consumers are favouring the JOMO (joy of missing out). The website is designed to prompt viewers to invest in time alone through beauty with the new YOU TIME feature.

Working with brands who share our views and values, we were excited to collaborate @theldnyogi, founder of @inthe_kin with Alchemy Oils on their '10 Minute Yoga' You Time feature. Working with experienced and trained professionals when creating educational content is an important aspect of our marketing - this achieves high quality, researched information to the brands markets.

Finally, if a customer is new to a brand, they are unlikely to purchase a product without testimonial, review or recommendation. Alchemy Oils is a multi-award winning brand. Proud of their achievements we have whacked their awards on to the home page.

We are proud to have been able to work with Alchemy Oils and Carman Mayfield to create the content of the ingredients page of the brand’s website.

Website built by Metal Potato


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