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Social media and the rise of fan led content.

Image source, Into The Gloss

Social media has see the rise of the trend of creative consumers. Due to the visual nature of Instagram and Snapchat, consumers enjoy the freedom to curate their online selves, editing and filtering as they choose. It is the ultimate vehicle of self expression.

Acknowledging the growing consumer desire to create, brands are using digital marketing and social media to enable their customers to be apart of the research and development process.

Last year, Emily Weiss; Founder of Into The Gloss & Glossier posted onto her blog asking what a dream cleanser would be for her readers. Nearly 400 readers replied, detailing their preferred qualities, such as gel-like features, containing vitamins and being free from parabens. It was with these responses that the Milky Jelly Cleanser was born.

Since we have seeing further examples including flavour testing with Propercorn and Urban Decay creating a eye palette based on engagement with their consumers on social media.

Of course social media is a great way to showcase products, host competitions, build consumer awareness and create stories about a brand and interact with trending topics. However, a new opportunity lies in using the marketing medium as a way to carry out R+D for products.

To find out how Araminta Marketing can help you achieve this, get in contact with us.

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