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Millennial 2020 Summit

In April, London hosted the Millennial 20/20 Summit. The event explored trends in wellness and travel and how these can be incorporated into engaging strategies.

Here at Araminta Marketing, we are constantly learning about Millennials. From articles online to interesting features in magazines, and from talking to millennials themselves, we have developed an understanding of these wellbeing warriors.

Some intriguing insights we attained from the summit was that health enthralled millennials turn to brands to accommodate all of their wellbeing needs. Wellbeing is a top priority to this group, who favour brands that enrich their emotional and mental health, as well as physically. What’s more, with employers actively encouraging employees to take their full annual leave, this group are favouring holidays that focus on elevating their mood. In short, they are choosing holiday experiences based on how they will be feeling.

Emotional currency is something we have been exploring with our brands. In a saturated market, brands can no longer rely on their product to do all the talking. Instead, brands must now create content surrounding lifestyles and seek to improve the emotional wellbeing of their consumers.

With the rise of instagangs, it is no wonder that social media has fuelled millennials to find a sense of belonging and community from brands online. Millennials are incredibly social and favour peer to peer advice when it comes to engaging with brands. They are socially aware and recognise how their buying choices impact the world around them. Again, this ties in with their positive attitude towards community and collaboration. They seek to actively participate in improving the world around them through their purchasing decisions.

Complexity is another discussion point Araminta Marketing has been exploring. We are noting how consumers form a correlation with complex brands with distrust. In a world of information overload, simplicity is favoured characteristic within millennials. These consumers has been described to be moderate, they drink less than the generation before them and favour a low-key lifestyle.

In uncertain times in the world of work, they recognise and value the social currency of wellth. They adopt a holistic approach to their well-being and you are more likely to see this group kicking off their weekend as Psycle or 1Rebel, than in a bar to get that TGIF feeling. This generation are incredibly fascinating and are constantly changing. To engage effectively with this growing group, brands must consider their emotive engagement strategies online and participate in their wellness world.

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