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Araminta Marketing hosted a reformer pilates class at Ten Health Fitness, Notting Hill. The class was hosted by Jade, who made the workout really enjoyable and we loved her positive nature.

Something we have been talking about a lot at Araminta Marketing HQ is balance. This conversation has been reciprocated with the brands we work with. When thinking about workouts or eating healthy, it always comes back to a healthy mindset centring around balance. With the class, we were able to strengthen our muscles and our core, whilst stretching.

We kicked off the workout with some coconut water from Jax Coco, and finished with protein shakes from Protein Haus, salted caramel ice cream from Oppo and good for you chocolate from Ohso.

We were discussing after the class kindness shown by brands. It is something that we are seeing develop on social media. We are thrilled to see brands that are receptive and engage in positive conversations with their consumers. This builds communities which are empowering. Here at Araminta Marketing, we are delighted to be building the relationship of our brands with their consumers through open mindedness and kindness on social media. We also seek to achieve this through enriching collaborations with other brands.

We believe that businesses and brands can develop a sense of conscious marketing, in which we work towards a future that empowers the communities and people we engage with through kindness.

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