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Many Hands Make Massive Movements

We love working with entrepreneurial people and exciting, innovative businesses. There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing a new idea that really hits a gap in the market. However, with so many people starting a new business, and with all these new businesses having such direct contact with their market, how are they all going to stand out over the rest and succeed?

My conclusion is that the market is going to have to change to adapt to having such specific needs met. We are already used to having millions of businesses at our finger tips, communicating with us directly whilst using experimental techniques to win our loyalty. So what can we do to avoid becoming just another business that gets lost in the never ending vacuum of cyberspace that is the twittasphere? The way I see it you have two choices…

Win The Game:

The age old technique of eliminating your competition. Sussing out what they are doing well and doing it better, showing your market that you are the only option. Large companies like Asda do this in a very blatant yet practical manner by directly comparing their prices to the prices of their competitors. Some companies may buy out competitors. Others will dominate every aspect of their customers interests, Burberry appeal to everything from their customers love of fashion, to their music tastes, to their interest in technology. These are strong brands with clear missions and unique strategies.

Change The Game:

This is my personal favourite. To change the game you can work together with similar brands, those we would once have deemed our ‘competitors’, to create a movement. Avoid being one needle in a haystack and lift each other up. Associate yourself with those you think are the best, and put yourself on par with them. If you’re a personal trainer, guest feature another PT on your blog that may specialise in something you don’t. If your a chef and your style is very traditional, feature someone who has an experimental twist. Show loyalty to your market by sharing with them and they will show loyalty to you. This town is big enough for the two of us because we are all unique.

Sports brands such as Sweaty Betty, Nike, Adidas have created communities online and via their stores which allow you ‘Get Fit For Free’, read about new fitness trends and learn the best recipes to stay in shape. These brands are appealing to their market on a personal level, changing their routines, changing the game. Adidas has created a clothing line with TopShop, Nike associates themselves with relatable celebrities such as Ellie Goulding. It’s different for every brand, for every company, for every market but for me this seems to be a much more interesting way to work.

Winning the game doesn’t mean you can’t do exciting innovative things, just as changing the game doesn’t mean you wont end up on top. Each brand must have their own mission, these are just two ways of getting there.

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