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What's New In The World Of Social Media?

The question I’m most asked about social media at the moment is “What’s the new platform?”. Whilst the current staples, when used properly, are enough for people to juggle every day people are still keen to jump on to the new latest thing. And quite rightly! Why not get in there early, master it before it becomes a trend! It’s about time too, according to Parag Kalra “social media Apps were were founded many many moons ago. To be precise, 11 years for Skype & Facebook and 10 & 9 years for Youtube and Twitter respectively”.

I do, however, always emphasise that it’s better not to have a social media platform than to have one that sits there untouched.

So, for those of you who are on top of Twitter or all over Instagram and are looking for something fresh and funky, here are the names that keep creeping in to my radar:

A lot of people seem to have heard of this but not tried it. Download it now and give it a go. Meerkat tweets live video. As simple as that. I like the risk factor- anything could happen! Luckily there are no reruns in case anything does happen. This app is only a couple of months old and it’s growing at an unbelievable rate. They’ve basically found the missing link in Twitter. Some of the biggest brands are using it as part of their social media strategy, even Spotify and Mashable.

Unmetric is a very useful platform. It analyses social media to show successful campaigns and help generate ideas. It listens to users to create content. A marketeers dream, but also very useful for small companies doing their own marketing. Their pricing may make you flinch at first but they offer flexible plans to brands and agencies- how kind.

I haven’t tried this one but it sounds fun. You can record your voice, add effects and share them on social media. This could be useful for big announcements or to stand out amongst other tweeters.. It has over 40million users in Asia and the middle east so watch this space.

Frilp is used to receive recommendations of places, products and services. Ideal if you’ve moved somewhere new or want to make the most of where you live. Frilp even have their own experts who make suggestions based on social network analysis, another reason to be active online!

BuzzFeeds newest best friend. Started in China this app has over 498 million users across the world. WeChat is “a media-centric [messaging] platform built for content dimmemination’ according to Bryce Derbin, Tech Crunch.

Watch @mintysheridan on Twitter over the coming weeks. We’ll be trying them all out!

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