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5 Ways To Measure Your Marketing

The New Year is all about fresh starts and looking forward. Whilst focusing on the now and planning for the future is crucial when it comes to digital marketing, let’s take a moment to assess the importance of looking back.

We all love the rewarding feeling of posting a status on your company’s digital marketing site and watching the likes, favourites and reposts roll in! Why? Because it’s a quick and easy measurement of our success. Looking back helps us learn from our less successful efforts and further improve our best moments, but who wants to sit there for hours collecting data and inputting it into graphs on Excel? Not us! But we know just where to go to get efficient data that doesn’t intimidate you.

2015 is all about being proficient and incorporating positive changes to your life! So to cut out the leg-work for you, here are our favourite Analytical Tools to help you get off to a flying start.

One of Google’s many indispensable tools for small and large businesses. If you don’t already have a tool measuring your website date, you should definitely have Google Analytics installed. It’s free and easy to do. They even provide free courses and video tutorials teaching you how to get the most of the provided data.


  • User activity whilst on the site

  • How are people finding your site

  • Key search terms

Another way for Facebook to help you get to know your customer. As well as providing a platform to allow you to communicate with your market, Facebook records the activity of your followers and transforms the date into easy to read graphs. How useful!


  • Gender & age of your followers

  • When they are on Facebook

  • How they react to posts

  • Which post types they like the most

No brand is without Twitter nowadays and for good reason too. Twitter can be the tool in which to get you noticed and what started off as a page with 50 dedicated followers can turn into thousands of them. Twitter Analytics can make that difference for you, by giving you a clearer insight into the key metrics of your account


  • Impressions: the number of times users saw the tweet or Twitter

  • Retweets: number of times users retweeted the Tweet to their followers

  • Favoruites: Number of times users favourited the tweet

Chartbeat is all about ‘delivering the data that you need’ and boast that they’re different from other traditional analytics because they focus on ‘the unusual’. Unusual behaviour happening across the social web and how, as a result of this it affects constantly changing content. Chartbeat is all about consistency in checking your content all the time and how as a result of this you can learn to react to real time changes happening online.


  • Engagement Metrics

  • Traffic Breakdowns

  • Social Monitoring

‘Commun-it’ is Twitter management made easy and categorises people into 3 groups: Influencers, Supporters and Engaged Members. It judges by followers/following ratio, your engagement history, retweets and brand mentions.


  • Free Twitter Analytics

  • Social Insights Campaign

  • Multiple Twitter Profiles

If your looking to get ahead then the fail proof way to get a better understanding is to measure your marketing. Any one of these five will make that leap to the next step all the shorter and will give your 2015 a flying start!

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