For the past five years, Araminta Marketing has worked to utilise the companies we work with to create positive social change and have a mindful impact on their end consumers. We do this through kindness, through collaboration & through open-mindedness and education.

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Over the last year or so, a handful of extraordinary men have opened up to me and admitted that they feel as though old-fashioned ideas of what it means to be a man might be so deeply ingrained into our society that they feel they aren’t yet aware of some of the negative mindsets. On top of this, the (necessarily) aggressive demand for change has left them feeling unable to approach the subject a lot of the time.


These guys want to understand, they want to reset how they think, not just to enable a more inclusive society but because this British ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude engrained within them is toxic. It is a huge part of the steep increase in depression, anxiety, eating disorders and suicide amongst men. Largely because it’s not ‘manly’ to open up.

Recent campaigns by the Southbank Centre, for example, are key indicators that the expectation of the male role is being unravelled and this kind of leaves a lot of men unsure of their place in society. It’s a turbulent time.So, in the months running up to 5 years old, Araminta Marketing would like to invite you to share your stories, create content alongside us, collaborate, educate & liberate.


Whether you share the attached posts, choose one of the ways in the document attached, or do an Instagram post, we would LOVE for you to get involved.



It’s always been a goal of mine to create a cross-collaboration campaign with all my clients as well as the people and companies who have been a part of our Conscious Marketing journey. Now, as we run up to our 5th birthday, it feels like the right time.


This year we have gone that extra mile to educate and immerse ourselves into a more inclusive mindset through surrounding ourselves with like-minded people who can open our minds as to how (not what) to think outside our immediate surroundings. 


As an all-female agency, we’ve spent time looking into female empowerment, LGBT community, race, disability and more but there is one key community that we need to stabilise and support to drive this change forward. MEN. We need to help men help us. We need to be working with men, not against them. 


Inspiring quotes
Make sure you are mentally fit
The 'taboo' stops now
No one is exempt from suffering
Talking can save people
Emotions are a recent arrival for me
The no.1 killer of men under 50
Take a moment to explore and support
Why should i just man up
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To make taking part super simple we've put together some #letsgetmental images that you can download to your phone and take a quick snap to share on your social media and support the cause! 

Tag us at @letsgetmental_ and #letsgetmental 





  • Share the hashtag or image on social media, your blog or via email.


  • Post using #letsgetMENtal on your social media feeds & stories exploring your ideas & experiences. We want men & women to contribute to this.

  • Create a video for your own and our IGTV channel or send one for us to share.


  • Contribute to the #letsgetMENtal blog with experiences, role models, and ideas that need reconstructing.

  • Share an article on your own blog or video-blog channel tagging #letsgetmental



  • Would you like to host a talk in your office? We’ll be doing a few & we’d love to work alongside you on this

  • Participate as a speaker at one of our events and workshops. 

If you have an idea to spread the word, reach out to us





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