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lets get men talking wix website design
lets get men talking social media market

Let's Get Men Talking was created by Araminta Sheridan, the founder of Araminta Marketing, to change the narrative surrounding masculinity and to empower men to talk openly about mental health.

Step 1: Branding & Wix Website Design

Let's Get Men Talking brand identity and website design were created to complement 'brother brand' The Y Code. We created the website on Wix to create an easy to manage, SEO-friendly, flexible design.

lets get men talking wix website design
social media marketing mens mental healt

Step 2: Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy for Let's Get Men Talking is centred around community building and user generated content enabling men to lead by example and to provide reassurance for others by posting the Let's Get Men Talking graphic proudly as a badge of honour. More recently. we have integrated a weekly livestream for episodic content.

Step 3: Social Media Identity, Template Design and set-up

Having identified key platforms for their goals, we created social media templates for each platform to create a consistent user experience. Platforms include Instagram, Instagram stories, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Groups and Twitter.

  • Instagram Black Round
  • LinkedIn Black Round
  • Facebook Black Round
  • Twitter Black Round
mens mental health livestream series let

Step 4: Community Building

Let's Get Men Talking has successfully built a community of mental health professionals, both men and women, who benefit from these posts. We now have around 2,500 followers organically. The platforms continue to self-grow through UGC and referral from people who benefit from the account. Our 1:1 engagement via direct message is continues, powerful and important. Most importantly are the messages we receive about the positive effect that Let's Get Men Talking has on peoples personal journies.

Step 5: Community building and the launch

Let's Get Men Talking is continuously asking their community how they can progress to help more through Interactive stories, question stickers, poles and more.


Marketing Services Provided


- content & copy

- instagram curation

- stories & posts


- newletters


- article writing

- editing


- project launch campaigns

- department training


- design

- Wix build

- copy

- creative

- ongoing management

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